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WHO WE ARE - KSTIPL is a custom software services firm based in Chennai. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of both software and internet based applications. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experienced hands to offer user friendly customized solutions.KST provides high quality on-site services for software development on a broad range of hardware, software platforms and latest technologies to the end users.

WHAT WE DO -  Quite simply, we write code, however unlike most software companies, we realize that only part of the job. We don’t just write code… We develop professional software.This is why our clients choose KST… Many companies can find programmers to generate code. However, few have the experience to produce professional quality software. Our ability to develop code is only the beginning of our capabilities. Being a custom firm, KSTIPL is able to provide our clients with a variety of services.

VISION -  KST INFOTECH will be valued for its expertise in Software development and its ability to positively impact the delivery of quality product and consistently provide timely, reliable, affordable services and known for the comfort, excitement and providing customizable, user friendly software scaled to business needs.

MISSION - KST INFOTECH committed to meeting the needs of clients as an owner, manager, consultant or partner through innovative services that enhance the delivery of quality Software & Services with technical proficiency, database driven content, to plan, build and deploy e- business and to emerge as one of the top IT service providers.

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